• Steven Gardner

The "one month out" Mentality

Social media is an excellent tool for the business owner in the regards of allowing us to tell a story to our readers. The problem, however, is that sometimes our transparency gets lost in the fine line between inspiration and bragging. While one person may feel inspired, another may feel completely de-motivated which is a problem for me. Im in the business of motivating, not the latter. This writing is being spawned from a question i received the other day on social media that really made me question the message i am putting into the world. The question was "Dude, how in the HELL do you stay in shape year round!?!?" to which i immediately and stupidly replied "Man, im actually really out of shape right now!" not realizing how this comes across to somebody who is commenting on a 7mile run i just did that i am trying to convince means i am "out of shape".

While im sure this isnt something i will be able to completely dissect in one blog post hopefully this will get the discussion going in the right direction. I quickly learned being a business owner that how i trained before isnt going to be something i can maintain and grow my business at the same time. There just isnt enough hours in the day to train for a 5+ hour trail run and put in 14 hours a day between my business and my role with The Nutrition Store. Here's where the translation gets lost though, i still do. This is where strategy comes into play as i believe literally everything in life requires a well placed strategy. My focus is simple, my training is simple, my diet is simple, EVERYTHING has to be simple. Chains and bamboo bars are cool tools, but high functioning folks quite literally dont have the time to add them in, clean them up, etc... I developed Sportless to be strength and conditioning for the general population, so i follow my own programming verbatim almost 85% of the time. I keep a base layer of strength, a base layer of conditioning, and a base layer of accessory movements.

But when i see an event that interests me, i want what im doing for most of my training to have me completely ready and injury free to begin to specialize for that event. For instance, two days ago i signed up for "The Driven Games" in the elite male division. This event is a 5k trail run with natural obstacles, a 5k man made obstacle run, and a 5k enduro event (heavy sand bag carries, yoke walks, etc.... With how i train on a normal basis, i will slowly transition over the course of the next month and a half to tailor myself more towards heavy carries and hard trail runs. This means slowly ramping up the running while slowly adding in walking lunges and step ups at first, adding in an extra day of heavy carries, and working on grip strength. As the event gets closer i will be doing running almost every day, walking lunges every day, and strength work 2-3 times per week. We will compete in the event then immediately return to simple Sportless training until our next interest. Wash, rinse, repeat.

To me, the simple training feels "out of shape" compared to my goals and my interests. If i have ever demotivated any of you please know i am sincerely sorry. My intention moving forward is to portray every event as a "leveling up" and my normal training as "maintaining" that level. The one take away from this writing i hope you hear is that i believe it is important to always be ready when the opportunity arises to "level up". It is also very important to SCHEDULE your level up's. Remember, we are all capable of more than we think we are.


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