• Steven Gardner

The old you must die...

It's that time again! (New year, new you) but what if i told you that you were wording that incorrectly? You see, we as a culture love to romanticize the idea of a "new you" every single year but unfortunately we forget what "new" means. When you get something new, whether it be a car or some other possession, usually that means you have a broken one currently, the one you have is old and outdated, you no longer have a use for, will be getting rid of, will just sit on a shelf, etc... but the moral of the story is you NO LONGER have a use for it. It will rot in the attic and be forgotten or you will sell it/trade it in.

By this point you are fully aware of the direction i am heading but listen up; in order to be new, the old you must die. Woah, Steve, that's a bit extreme!? No, it really isnt. After all, we claim to be making a "lifestyle change" but in the grand scheme of things most people only REALLY change 1 hour of their time per day by going to the gym. We really need to change our frame of mind from trying to get fit this year, to killing off that person you are so unhappy being and dedicating the entire rest of your life to being healthy.

You know who does a good job of this? Religion. Ever dove into the symbolism of baptism? All magical and contemporary beliefs aside, the Biblical symbolism of baptism is to go underwater as one person and emerge as a new being, dedicated to living a higher standard of life until you reach the other side. Woah, Steve, that's extreme again!!! Good, your life literally depends on it.

In case you have never heard this before there isn't an end goal to this whole health thing and there is absolutely no way to avoid it. It will very much catch you one way or another and if you are making the decision to get ahead of the whole process congrats, if you are avoiding it because it "sounds too hard" you will one day deal with it much harder, and so will your family. It did not take 6-12 weeks to become unhappy with yourself, it will also not take 6-12 weeks to be fully happy with yourself either. Dedicate your life to being fully alive. You are entirely too important to continue being this unhappy version of yourself and are capable of so much more. Kill it, and live.

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