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Ragnar Trail of the Carolina's Recap

Good morning you crazy kids,

It's been a busy couple weeks for us here at Sportless. We kicked off "endurance season" with back to back weekends of competition; a Spartan Sprint in Concord, NC followed by a Ragnar Trail Race in Conyers, GA. First off let me begin by saying i am SUPER proud of some of my members for competing in something they may not have originally thought possible which was the whole point of signing up in the first place. It seems to be the most popular thing here at the physical location to strive for (to run a 5k or similar race) which can no doubt be contributed to my lack of advertising for the gym other than posting on my personal page about my running endeavors. None-the-less i am one proud coach!

The Spartan was fun other than having to wait at obstacles WAY too long for social distancing purposes of course (as if it wasnt a mud run in a cow pasture) but regardless i had a blast. I think the combination of feeling good on the spartan but not getting to go all out had me extra excited to bring a certain level of energy to the Ragnar. The Ragnar has quickly become my favorite races to do. It's an 8 person relay race where each person has to complete all three loops (green, yellow, red) with varying difficulties and varying distances. This one the green was 4.5miles, yellow 5.3, and red 6.2. The difficulty of these races lies in the wait time. You have to be very diligent in your overall nutrition and sleep or else you end up exhausted for your last run the next day which is where i have made mistakes in the past. The last ragnar i did, i did not sleep between loop one (5:30pm) and loop 2 (12:00am) because i had planned to rest after that loop. On my night run it began to rain HARD which made the run that much more fun and challenging. HOWEVER, i had left my gear, clothes, and everything exposed to the elements resulting in soaking wet clothing and i long bout of hyperthermia before my 3rd loop. This time however if i had the opportunity to rest, i rested. If i was awake i was eating. If it was cold i was in a sleeping bag bundled up. ETC... and it PAID OFF. That strategy ultimately resulted in 3 of the best elevation type runs i have done to date! If you plan to do a ragnar race in the near future, i highly recommend taking this into consideration if performance is your jam.

Ragnar has me excited. So far i have done most of these races as a way to get the gym community more involved, but now im catching myself looking at being competitive again and it feels good. The takeaway from this? Motivation is very fleeting for EVERYBODY. I recommend if you are struggling in the motivation area (or even the discipline area) to take a look at signing up for something for fun just to have something to aim at. After you conquer that goal, use the sense of accomplishment as fuel instead of an end point. Ask yourself WHAT ELSE CAN I DO? Figure out what this meat suit of your's is capable of while it still has the chance. Stop thinking about genetics and all of these other excuses that these stupid articles on social media limit you with and figure out just who the hell you are. Sure, running might be miserable to some. You know what else is miserable? Feeling like you are stuck in this never ending cycle of doctors visits and medications. Feeling like you are the worst person on earth everytime you eat that food you know is killing you or smoking that cigarette. Being scared of doing a financial budget because you are scared to see how much money you spend on the things that are killing you. Look, i understand exercising might make some joints hurt because they arent used to what you are doing but being stagnant also hurts your joints and quite honestly, your body WILL fail. It might as well fail being strong because WEAK THINGS BREAK.

Steven Gardner

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