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How To Watch Your Friends Win

Good morning, folks,

It's been a little while since i have written or recorded anything for the masses but with my new and improved desk set up at Sportless, i actually have a space for creativity so i thought id write down some thoughts for you fine individuals.Recently one of my very best friends, Jakob Davis, owner of The Nutrition Store has been absolutely kicking ass at life. Actually the dude has been kicking ass for as long as ive known him but here recently a lot of things have aligned at the same time to where things are REALLY moving. A quick back story for context (in case you somehow know who i am but dont know who he is unordinarily) He has been secretly working on a second store location in one of the busiest cities in South Carolina as well as launching two new products of his own all while buying one of my DREAM cars, a TESLA. One of my members asked me earlier this week how "jealous" i was that he was doing so well and it struck me as odd which is my reason for writing this in the first place. It was odd for two reasons: 1. That it was normal behavior to be jealous of your friends' and 2. That it was expected of other people to be jealous.

Here's the deal and ill try really hard for this to not come off weird; forward thinkers do NOT get jealous, they get inspired. The TNS team and i are on the same mission of health in our local communities with only one minor difference that i think is important to note, TNS will one day be a global entity and is already recognized nationwide. The goal is mass impact, help as many people as possible on their quest to health. Sportless, as a physical location, has a goal of mass impact to a small group of individuals who want to change their entire life. TNS plays a very big role in the nutrition and supplementation of our gym family, their wins are our wins and vice versa, the bigger Sportless gets, the more people i send to TNS. I feel weird having to explain this.

Moving forward, anytime your friends win whether that be a promotion or a new house or something try your absolute best to be their number one fan. If your friends arent living a life worth being a fan over, get new friends. If your friend gets your dream car, get inspired to push harder so that you can shine together and brag about their wins more than they do. BE THE FRIEND YOU WISH YOU HAD.

Coach Steven

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